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Amsterdam Travel Guide

After recently spending a few days in Amsterdam, I have totally fallen in love with the city! It was never on my list of top destinations, I’m not entirely sure why, but I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that I went! While most people immediately think of Venice as the city […]

Wedding Dress Shopping in Munich!

As you may know from my Instagram stories (or honestly, lack thereof due to my absolute inability to actually use my phone in the 17-degree weather), I am currently in Germany! I am visiting a¬†friend and while I am in Europe I thought I would do some wedding dress shopping! As you can imagine, while […]

Wedding Update! Registry Thoughts

It’s been 5 months since getting engaged and life has been simply wonderful! However, one unexpected thing is that I’ve been asked a slew of questions that I have been mostly unprepared to answer, mainly: ‘So when is the wedding?!?’ Everyone wants to know! It may seem like it’s the logical next step, get engaged […]

Adsorb Beauty Review

About a week ago I had the pleasure of attending the Indie Beauty Expo (IBE) in downtown LA for the second year in a row! I love attending¬†IBE because you get to discover amazing innovative brands using top of the line technology. Two of the most interesting new technologies I discovered this year were the […]

Venice, Italy Travel Guide

Venice Italy, a city of alleyways, bridges and dead ends, where it’s easy to get lost, but in a good way. There is no other place in the world like it. It’s serene, peaceful, and quiet… and there are no cars, which even though you expect this… is truly odd in person. I have wanted […]

Favorite Purchases of 2017

To complete my favorites series on the blog, I want to do a quick post highlighting my favorite pieces of 2017. From clothes, to bags and fragrance, these are things that I am so glad I bought and pretty much lived in this year! Favorite Bag If you follow me on Instagram or have read […]

New Years Eve 2018 Lookbook

2017 is drawing to a close and looking back on this year, I can without a doubt say it was one of the BEST years of my life. The love of my life proposed to me, I traveled to Italy for the first time, paid of my student loans, bought my first Chanel (and Gucci!), […]

Buying My First Chanel

Buying my first Chanel (or two!) was something I have wanted to do my whole life. When I was kid, my mom did not have a lot of money and we couldn’t afford designer things, so I told myself I would buy one when I ‘grew up’. When I grew up, I saw it as […]

An American Girl in Paris

Paris is for lovers… and baguettes and cheese and wine and so much more. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world and also one of my favorites. It has an inherent romanticism about it unlike any other place on earth – you walk around feeling like you’re in an old time movie […]